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Aaron Caruso:

Hello from Aaron in June - May 31, 2005

Hi everybody. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer. I've added some pictures of University of Connecticut's Champion Women's Basketball Coach, Geno Auriemma. Not only is he a top-notch Coach, but he is also a great person. He was extremely nice and we talked a bit in Italian. This was all arranged by Dr. Joseph Picone, a great friend. I have never been a fan of sports but now I'll be rootin' for UConn. That is the effect someone can have on you when they're nice and they don't have to be. I was given a bit of advice from a great performer and friend, Mr. Danny Marona about show business. His advice on how to become a famous singer is first and foremost to be nice. That goes for any profession. Secondly, he said "Success doesn't change people, like so many say it does, rather, it reveals what they truly are." I have thought about that for a long time and I think about it often and Im thankful for the time I spent with him. If that is the case, and I know it is, Im glad to have met Mr. Geno Auriemma. We sang Old Neapolitan songs that his father used to sing. He would call them out "Santa Lucia Luntana!", "Comme Facette Mammete!" and I would play and sing them. That is the picture of me playing the piano for him in my "photo" section. I was surprised at his depth of knowlege about Neapolitan music, but then I found out he was born there and he started speaking beautiful Italian. Once again, thank you to Dr. Picone for arranging that meeting. I have a very busy month this month and at the end of it, Im off to South Beach to perform at the Ms. Florida pageant. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Florida 2004, Jenna Edwards. May I say what a sweetheart she is and I look forward to working with her in July. She started her own Non-Profit organization called "Queen for a day". Here is the website Go check it out. They help young children with cancer by going to the hospital and making them "Queen" for a day. They each get to keep their Tiaras which are donated by pageant winners. I think this is such a wonderful thing and Im going to add it to my links page. They have a "chapters" page on their website so go volunteer and help out if you can. That's all. I hope to see many of you this month. Have a great June!

New website.. - May 16, 2005

Hello All. I am trying something a little different with my website. I kind of like this layout. I hope everyone likes it. Sometimes we have to change things up a little. Everything is going very well for me. I recently sang for the Connecticut State Dental Association at the Mohegan Sun Casino. It was a huge success to say the least. We had a great time with them and I look forward to seeing them next year. Special thanks to Dr. Joseph Picone and Dr. Gary Dubin. I hope everyone is doing well and feel free to drop me an email to let me know how you are doing. Thanks, Aaron.

Aldarios - April 14, 2005

Hello everyone,
We had a wonderful time the other night at Aldarios. We had people from New York, we had people from Michigan, we had people from Hartford and we even had people all the way from Italy. Wow. I can't describe how good it feels to be up there on stage with so many people that I love and care about. I sang a tribute to my parents called "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban, but I did it my way. I almost didn't get through it because it is so emotional. My parents really do raise me up and thanks to them I will make something of myself in this world. I never wanted to let my mom down or make her disappointed in me. Because of that, I have done so many wonderful things. I still call her and council with her when I have an important decision to make. They are my life and I was so proud to see my family there that night. I was also proud to see so many friends. I am truly so thankful for all of them coming out to see and hear me. Thank you.

Hi Everybody.. - April 1, 2005

Hello. I am writing to say hello and thank everyone for writing such nice things on my website. It's really something to see all the people that I am involved with in some way or another. Im glad this is a place they can all come and visit. I feel very good vocally and I have been able to do so many things that have eluded me. I owe so much to my voice teacher and to tenacity. Never give up! Sooner or later you'll be the only one standing and it will be your turn to shine. I look forward to seeing so many friends in Ct. on the 8th. It's really going to be great. I just found out some friends are going to be there from Italy. Always a good time. I wish everyone well and good night.

Hello from Aaron - March 15, 2005

Hello everybody. I am so thankful for all the nice people who come and visit my website. I challenge you, whomever is reading this, to put up a website. Even if it's just for fun. You won't believe how many people care about you and always wish you well. I am honored to have friends such as these. I also wanted to say "hello" to a new friend, Maria Fersko. She is a wonderful woman who brings whoever will listen and puts my recordings on. Thank you, Maria, you are a very sweet person. We met at the Mario Lanza luncheon. As Bob Dolfi, of the lanza legend said, "Mario brings good people together." I do believe that is true. Also, I found out that a very dear friend of mine, Maria Gallo, passed on recently. I met her in Nevada while I was singing there with Danny Marona. She lived in Idaho and I swear she was the only Italian there! She always played my music and I was told she had my cd playing until her last breath. I was dumbfounded. When you are a singer, you don't realize the effect you can have on somebody. I am truly proud and honored to have known Maria Gallo. I'm gonna miss your calls, Maria... Goodnight

Mario Lanza Luncheon - March 7, 2005

As always, Bill Ronayne has outdone himself. This was a wonderful event with a lot of surprises. I met some wonderful young singers and their parents called the Musical Musumeci's. They sing the songs of Mario Lanza as well as many others. They both have so much potential and poise for such a young age and they already have done so much. I enjoyed their singing very much. They have websites: and Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Cavaliere Ufficiale Aldo Mancusi and his lovely wife, Lisa. They have a website as well which is dedicated to the great Enrico Caruso: I also got to see Elaine Malbin again. It is always a pleasure to see her. There was also another woman there who was a singer in Italy named Teresa Apollei. I am recalling her name from memory, but she sang with all the greats during her 15 years in Italy. I hope everyone is well and I wanted to say hello and thanks to John LaBarca for always playing my music on his radio show. My best to everyone!

Aloha! - March 2, 2005

Hello everyone and thank you for coming to my site. I really appreciate it. I want to use these journals to say thank you to so many wonderful people in my life. I went to a dinner party on Friday over my friend Dottie's house and what a dinner she cooked! Brava Dottie. We had a great time with some opera afficionados and I brought some rare recordings. I have Pavarotti's first ever operatic performance which I bought in Italy and also the first concert Carreras ever gave in the U.S. We had a wonderful time. I also wanted to thank my friend Ross Benoliel, a great baritone, for helping me out and for being an excellent friend. I hope everyone is doing well and as I leave you, Im listening to Mario sing "Arrivederci Roma" and many other great songs and arias. I was singing with him in all of the excitement. My poor neighbors! Buona Sera...

Hello! - February 25, 2005

Hi. Thank you for coming to my website. I certainly hope you like it. Please tell your friends. Ill have audio on here very soon. I tried tonight, but no dice. I, unfortunately, don't know how to do that just yet. I wanted to say on my first posting "thank you" to my family. I love you Mom, Dad, Andy and Kara. Without the undying devotion of my parents, especially my mom, (I do love you dad:) I wouldn't be where I am today, not that I've reached any great heights yet, anyway. I also wanted to say thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped me along the way. I can't list everybody, but a few people like Lillian Iodice, Michael Gambardella and family, Joe V. and Danny Marona also come to mind. John LaBarca plays my cd's on the radio so often and I appreciate that, John. I recently met 2 great people, Bob Dolfi and Damon Lanza. Bob is a personal friend of the Lanza family since the 60's and Damon is the only surviving son of Mario Lanza, my idol. They have a wonderful website, perhaps you should check it out if you haven't already. I had the wonderful fortune of meeting with them recently and may I say what kind people they are, along with their friend Marlene, who I also had the pleasure of meeting with. She is pure sunshine and I didn't see her once without a smile on her face. I think it is important to remember the good that people have done. So many people focus on the negative. There's enough of that already. Anche, devo dire grazie al mio maestro di canto, il piu grande, Luigi Veccia! Well, have a great day and thanks for coming to visit us!

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